Top 5 Frameworks for developing website

Designing and development are two different terms. One is incomplete without other. To be precise, designing is a part of development, in case of websites. A captivating website design, if not backed with powerful development techniques will lead to website failure and vice versa.

Frameworks are best software products for designing and development of a website. There are a number of frameworks which help in designing as well as proper development of a website. In recent years, trend has shifted from back-end to front-end development, backed by powerful and delegated Application Programming Interfaces (API).

We’re going to discuss some of the best and most commonly used frameworks for designing and development of websites.


UIkit is a very popular and comprehensive development framework for designing of a website. It contains a variety of customized components of HTML, CSS and JavaScript which helps in creating a well-structured. This extensible code is very easy to maintain, thus, enhances reliability of a designer.

UIKit is lightweight, that’s why, helps developing very fast and powerful interfaces. Greater customization allows the designer to create a unique and appealing web design.


This framework is a complete package! It provide tools and compatibility for wider range of appliances. Foundation is very helpful in creating designs which are favorable for content-focused designs.

Learning this framework will also enhance your grip and practice for designing layout, suitable for apps! This framework is customized according to modern needs of web development. It is a best choice for those who wants to cover a wider range of devices.


A best framework for small websites. It is very lightweight. It provides a short range of customized tags, helpful in maintain a balance for a website which is not too large.

Skeleton offers best facilities for short forms i.e. A log in page, Sign up Page, a small questionnaire etc. Layout of such small forms is very easy to create, using Skeleton. Skeleton offers simplicity with brilliance!


Bootstrap has no match! It provides customized tags to create a website, feasible for all screen sizes. A website, created in bootstrap, offers compatibility and best browsing experience at all devices. Bootstrap has emerged as a brilliant framework for designing and development of websites.

The features, it offers are unique and compelling. It prevents attraction and beauty of a layout at all screen resolutions.

Semantic UI:

A favorite framework of all developers and designers. It offers greater compatibility, faster development and interestingly, an appealing syntax which is very close to daily life words.

Semantics UI provides a variety of UI components and output debug options for getting a live and better view of your layout and design. Semantic UI is perfect for developers, with less developing experience. It offers more control and precision.


Choice of framework purely depends upon your requirements, coding experience and website’s complexity. Choose any of these frameworks which best suits your need! HAPPY CODING!


I used to turn on my desktop, open a Notepad file and type in pages of HTM markup, CSS and JavaScript instructions to be able to design absolutely gorgeous and sophisticated web pages. However, over the years of my research on how I can simplify my life and not go through this process over and over again, I found something..