Importance of Using Frameworks forSearch Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important things when building a successful website has become Search Engine Optimization. Within the past decade, typically, in order to get visitors to a site, it was important to spend a large volume of revenue of commercial advertising in order for the website to be known. Other successful ways (as in the case of Facebook) were viral word of mouth methods, making it popular through a social network of individuals talking about the website.

In the not too distant past, more and more individuals relied heavily on search engines to direct them to the website that would most satisfy the demand of what they were searching for. If an individual wanted to know which tackle shop had the highest ratings in their county, all they would need to do would be to visit a search engine website, input their county along with the subject ‘tackle shop’ and the search engine would pull up the tackle shops’ websites along with possible reviews.

It was then discovered the method in which search engines would use to display certain websites when certain subject matter was researched and organizations realized they would have to make sure their websites were tailored towards those search engine methods. Research was then invested in key words, tags, key phrases, essentially, what were people inputting when looking for specific things and how do you write content to align with what they’re searching for.

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When building a website, it is now very important to take into account Search Engine Optimization, or else you’re just white noise in a sea of white noise. The main focus on Search Engine Optimization is, again, what are your prospective clients, customers or supporters inputting into their chosen search engine when looking for the content you have so that they’re able to visit your website.

If, for example, you have a website that helps with relationship advice, your website should be tailored towards the questions and content your potential visitors are putting into their search engine. If their question is, ‘What do I need to do to find true love?’ your website should have that question or phrase somewhere on your landing page so that they are able to go to your website to find your answer to their question.

It has become not that simple, however, as search engines do want to make sure that they are serving their users adequately and displaying search results that they are, in fact, looking for. So, it is important to make sure that, not only is the question on your site, but also, detailed well written content that answers that question. For a website like this, it is important to keep the language simple so as to hit other key words that will end up in the search engine field such as ‘attraction’, ‘romance’, ‘passion’ to only name a few. These key words should be in the content you have on your site so as to have the linked to their searches when asking the question ‘What do I need to do to find true love?’

Again, when building a successful website, it is important to take into account Search Engine Optimization and build content for your website that satisfies the content for which users are searching. On top of that, it must be quality and simple. It is important to not only write the content and have it trigger key words, but, also, remain simple so that visitors will not only read the basic content that answers their research, but, also, keeps them on your page and, hopefully, connecting with you.


I used to turn on my desktop, open a Notepad file and type in pages of HTM markup, CSS and JavaScript instructions to be able to design absolutely gorgeous and sophisticated web pages. However, over the years of my research on how I can simplify my life and not go through this process over and over again, I found something..