Importance of Design and Personal Command of the English Language

Design and Personal Command of the English Language

Before you start building your website, in order to make it successful, you must take into account what type of design or layout it will have while taking stock of your own personal command of the English language. In other words, when it comes to your command of the English language, how skilled are you at writing? It is very important to take stock of this and be honest as the reception of your message to your audience is thoroughly reliant on your skills as a writer. While this has always been important, writing skills are on the rise as a very important skill as more and more people are reading content outside of the journalistic normal. From status updates, tweets, blogs and photographic descriptions, users are being more scrutinized now more than ever to have well written content.

Your design is essential to make sure that your visitors stay on your website and are positively receiving your message. It is important, again, in this manner, just as in the message you’re trying to communicate, to keep in mind your audience. A layout that is appeasing to you, might not be appeasing to the general public. For example, you may like a dark black page with red lettering and red lines. This may appeal to you, but, the general public might be quickly turned off as sensitive eyes might be hurt when viewing a website like this. Other than that, if you’re blog is about a trip to Paris, the black and red colors may turn your viewer off, concluding that the content might be darker than what they want to read. For the most part, you’ll want to keep your design light and simple. The level of professionalism you convey, will depend on your level of profession. A website layout for an attorney, will look much different than the website layout of a life coach.


Once the layout and design have been established, it is necessary to decide what, if any, types of images to display. Overall, it is generally accepted to always have images on your website as it breaks up the text your visitor is reading. Unless your visitor is an avid reader, you may lose them after the first paragraph if they are not shown an image, particularly one that demonstrates what the message your text is conveying. Also, one of the best rules to follow is that people like to see images of people. Stats have shown that visitors will remain on your page a few seconds longer if they’re able to view an image of a person or persons, again, demonstrating the message your text is conveying. Again, however, keep it simple. There should be a strong balance between text and images. Unless it is your purpose to show just images, you’ll want to keep them balanced with the text.

When it comes to writing skills, it always helps to read similar websites that are conveying your message. You’ll want to focus on the ones that show high on the search engine results (number 1 and number 2 are great places to start) and see how well the content on those sites are written. If you genuinely feel that you are able to write as well, then you’ll have no problem understanding your command of the English language. However, if you feel that your writing is not the same quality as those sites, then it’s okay to ask for help in order to gain visitors to your site. If you’re uncertain, you should try to write your own content first, give yourself an honest judgment coincidental to the critique of your peers.


I used to turn on my desktop, open a Notepad file and type in pages of HTM markup, CSS and JavaScript instructions to be able to design absolutely gorgeous and sophisticated web pages. However, over the years of my research on how I can simplify my life and not go through this process over and over again, I found something..